“Having a fair and functional bonus system is critical for my agency. I have never seen a better bonus system than the SMART system. Add in exceptional service and I believe this is a winning choice for any agency. ”

– Bill Conley - Insurance Agency Owner - Richmond, VA

“The system is simple and it works. Another thing that I do not need to worry about every month.

Bill Hagan - Insurance Agency Owner - Boynton Beach, FL

“The system is sure working for me. €Helping turn my business into my benefactor. If making more money is not buying you more freedom there's no point in trying to make more. Your system helps me do both. ”

Bill Kolb - Insurance Agency Owner - Pryor, OK

“The flexibility of the system makes it easy to adapt to our bonus system. You have good system support with a quick response. You are doing great, and we love the product.”

Bob Dann, Insurance Agency Owner - Miami, Florida

“I have been using the SMART Bonus System since 1/1/07 and I have seen a steady increase in our monthly production. App count is up 22% for the year, and 85% for June. Premium dollars collected has increased with each passing month. My team members are making more money under this system, and more importantly, so am I.”

Brent Cooper - Insurance Agency Owner - Dallas, TX

“Wade is fantastic. I have invested in all of Wade's programs and my return from them has been nothing short of PHENOMENAL! I am taking more time off to be with my family, increased my bottom line, and done so in a little over 6 months while decreasing my stress by a truckload.

Wade is my pseudo-business partner and has earned my highest recommendation. He has helped me see areas in which our agency was week, and turned them into strengths so quickly it makes my head spin. These results just get better and better for me. I know that 2012 will be my best year ever thanks to Wade and his tool, tactics, and strategies. If you want the same results in your agency, you should run, not walk, to Wade's websites and get started immediately on your own, more vacation, more money, less stress success story!”

Brian Anastasio, Insurance Agency Owner - Albuquerque, NM

“We have been using The Smart Bonus System for about 9 years and it has been fantastic. Wade and his folks are great to work with and make it all easy. No matter what your agency size is, it will make your business better and more efficient.”

Craig Bagley, Insurance Agency Owner – Weatherford, Texas

“Using your system for many years. Last year attempted to move to a company sponsored system and moved back once we realized the benefits, ease of reports! ”

Dawn Wagner, Insurance Agency Owner - Weston, FL

“We experienced a very good production increase this year due mainly to the new bonus system. Thanks for your help!”

Dennis Bradford - Insurance Agency Owner - Mayfield, KY

“Fast, accurate, easy to understand explanations & solutions, as well as suggestions to help me stay focused on my own business. So far you all have surpassed my expectations! I appreciate your follow-up. ”

Greg Shilakis, Insurance Agency Owner - Bensenville, Illinois

“Smart Bonus is easy to work with and gives me a lot of detail on my Agency. I am thankful for the work Wade and his team have put into this system. This makes following the production details of my agency and who is doing what much easier! Thanks.”

Jane Chitwood - Insurance Agency Owner - Loveland, OH

“The SMART Bonus System has made inputting and tracking new business easier and has taken the burden off me and my staff to insure accuracy of bonuses. It allows them to see what impact a sale will have on them and it replaced other areas to input new business. It has also let me see who is doing what and how different sales styles translate into money for me and them. It has been instrumental in taking the agency from great production to winning a trophy.”

Jeff Gottesman - Insurance Agency Owner - Philadelphia, PA

“While MARCH 2012 Production was a Birthday gift from my staff to me, Bridget whispers to me that she thinks it was “really” the Smart Bonus Incentives. …The smaller increments of app production by line seemed to have caught their attention. (And we are finally paying the smaller base, larger bonus that makes Sales Sense).

As of April 6, we have already booked 35 apps- And away we goooooooooooooooo!

Thanks for everything, if you need a referral, please tell that Agent to call us!

With Appreciation for everything that you so generously do,

Judy Gleason”

Judy Gleason - Insurance Agency Owner - Chicago, IL

“The Smart Bonus System is definitely one of the reasons why my agency has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. Our accountability is way up and the many reports that are offered help dig deep into what problems and corrective measures I may need to address and implement with my team.”

Julian Garza - Insurance Agency Owner - Weslaco, TX

“I love the smart bonus system. It provides me with a lot of information about my team's individual production and the agency. The system is easy to use for my team and me. Wade and Laura are always very helpful when I have questions.”

Lizette Cochran - Insurance Agency Owner - Palm Harbor, FL

“I really like the fact that your system actually works!

By that, I mean that it can be tailored for whatever an agent wants to emphasize and makes sense to everyone. My staff love the bonus program and are more motivated than they've been with any other plan I implemented. They're also making more money, which equals more money to me! In the past, my bonus programs didn't translate to an increase in my income. I feel that I finally am rewarding them for the right things rather than just doing things by the seat of my pants.

Your professionalism, insight, and practical perspective are great assets as far as I'm concerned. In the past, I've been intimidated by many of the programs, but you are able to educate and assist in such a way that I'm not afraid to ask for help or further explanation. You are always quick to respond, providing excellent service, and I feel the value received goes far beyond the price of your product and service.

I would give you a rating of a 10, and I refer you to others for all the reasons above.”

Lois Kennedy, Insurance Agency Owner - Sebastian, Florida

“Accountability used to be a big headache - not now.

I had one team member that went from writing 4 life policies to writing 62 this year alone. Smart Bonus was not the only reason, but it didn't hurt to see the bonus come in every time she added a life.

Team members record all their production. I am not the best on computer. If I can use it anyone can use it.

As a 30Yr + agent I have tried many bonus programs. Some my own creation, others borrowed from other agents. None worked as good as Smart Bonus.

Mark Hodson, Insurance Agency Owner - Tahlequah, OK

“I love the product. It fits well into our systems. My team really likes it as well.”

Mark Musser - Insurance Agency Owner Bixby, OK

“The system is revolutionary in its ability to change mindsets of my employees and to motivate new people who take positions on your team. It also easy to install and is simple to use. That is key. In our business hours come and go easily and we need something that is not a time eater. It has helped me switch the mindset of my team to production and growth. It paints a relevant & personal picture of how growth affects them and their own bottom line. I have been impressed by the software and the support from your folks.”

Matt Pryor, Insurance Agent - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“ The Smartbonus system has been essential to maintaining an ongoing snapshot of how my agency is performing. I'm able to measure the success of each producer and show them how to demonstrate accountability for their contributions. Thanks to Wade and his team for their continued support!”

Sean McCarthy, Insurance Agency Owner - Garden City, New York

“Motivates your staff to produce and tracks everything without any input on your part. I have been using it for 8 years now and my only regret is that I was not using it earlier.

Tim Modesitt, Insurance Agency Owner - Vero Beach, FL

“More time is spent on making your sales than tracking your bonus.

When you are watching your goals be met, or striving for that last straw, it really generates a vibe of excitement, which I feel is helpful in the work and sales environment.

I've saved many hours within a week that were spent on bonus tracking, and now I'm using those extra hours to generate more sales opportunities. Thank you.”

Tonya Ryan, Licensed Sales Representative - Coral Springs, FL

“Thanks for everything Wade & Team! I really appreciate your quick response and willingness to help. I used to be with one of your competitors and both times I called them with questions, I was told "You need to go watch the FAQ & training videos and call back if you still have questions." This is why I'm with you now and I WILL NOT go with any other company for something as important as my team bonuses and payroll calculations. YOU AND YOUR TEAM ROCK!!! Keep up the great work! ”

Tracy Johnson, Insurance Agency Owner - Kearney, MO